We recognize that students want to balance their learning with other life, ministry, work or family commitments.  KIU offers this balance via our flexible learning modes. Online or Face to Face, you can choose which learning style suits you for the course of your choice. KIU also provides you the unique blend of choosing a combination of these styles  for your course thus making our pedagogical methods effective and attractive to enable lifelong learning.  

To support our methodology KIU employs a range of technologies to enhance learning both in the classroom and  online.  Students can participate in virtual tutorials, engage in online learning, or choose to attend classes on campus  during their semesters for their courses. KIU offers intensive and extensive modes of study to enable achievement of  learning outcomes while establishing core foundation skills. The campus at Tonga has a well-equipped library, state of  the art lecture halls. KIU also possess access to digital libraries that can help cater to vast and diverse curiosities that  people posses. 

KIU has multiple satellite campuses in various countries to help enable their students gain easy access to various course material as well as learning experiences. KIU has ensured that it partners with leading providers to ensure that the quality of the satellite campus provides not only easy access but also encourages intellectual retreat in the comfort of your home country.