Why should I choose to study at the King’s International University?

  • The King’s International University has high academic standards and a professional career-focussed approach to undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  • The King’s International University is a young and ambitious university and is the first native university of Kingdom of Tonga
  • We engage with the local, national, and international community and our staff and students work on projects and research with direct and immediate real world applications.

How do I apply to study at the King’s International University?

  • You can apply for any school depending on your area of interest. Kindly fill out the Enrolment Form from the Forms section.

What degree should I study?

  • KIU offers a range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in our various schools. You can review what is being offered by our various schools from under the Courses Section on our website. Alternatively you can speak with the Registrar at our Campus.

Can I go overseas during my degree?

  • Depending on your course you will be able to travel overseas during your vacations if you are a domestic student. For an international student you would also need to consider your Visa requirements. However, you can choose to take a break from your course for any emergencies but we would recommend that you speak to the Student Support Officer, Head of Department, Dean, Registrar or the Vice Chancellor to offer you the best alternatives.

Does the King’s International University have prerequisites for any courses?

  • Depending on the course offering you are choosing there maybe some requirements that will be need to be satisfied before you can be enrolled. For eg. usually a masters qualification would require a bachelors degree to be completed or extensive experience that can be mapped towards the achievement of entry requirements for the course.

What about accommodation?

  • KIU has agreements with various housing providers who provide affordable and comfortable stay for both domestic and  international students. These are available on first come and first serve basis.

How much study do I have to do each semester?

  • KIU recommends a minimum of 4 units per semester. However, if you feel that you are able to take a higher load then KIU is happy to accomodate this request based on a dicussion with the Student Support Officer and the approval of the Dean. There are no restrictions on how many units you can enrol, however we recommend 4 as thihs provides you with ample time to also enjoy the beautiful country of Tonga.

How much will studying at the King’s International University cost?

  • KIU offers a very competitive course fee structure. This is available from the Fees that is listed in the Faculty section on our website. You can download a copy of the same online and you are also able to discuss the same with the Registrar at our Campus.

What scholarships are available?

  •  There are a few scholarships that are provided to both domestic and international students at KIU. Out 3 distinct scholarships are:
    • Royal Highness Princess Royal Salote Mafile’o Pilolevu Tuita Scholarship
    • Chancellor Scholarship
    • Merit Scholarship
  • The details are listed under Scholarships in the Faculty section on our website.