How we work


King’s International Univesity is the first native University. The University by many measures is one of Kingdom of Tonga’s finest institutions of higher education. The university combines academic learning with ethics, honor, integrity, self-governance and a sense of responsibility. Learn here what you must to excel in your chosen field — we have the finest laboratories, learning tools, tie-ups with leading schools and, of course, a faculty to be proud of — but we will make sure that you imbibe qualities that will make you stand out. We know that to be successful in these industries you need a balance of expert knowledge and hands-on experience. Our first-class facilities and expert teaching will provide you with the confidence and experience to be a leader in your chosen field, opening doors to employment opportunities globally. KIU define a sense of responsibility enriched with value of discipline, as well as opportunities for discovery of new knowledge producing superior graduates. The vast connections to the relevant industry expertise allow us to employ a culture of evolving and updating knowledge.

International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) Certification

King’s International University is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organisation.

“ISO 9001 Certified” means that the University has met the requirements in ISO9001, which defines an ISO 9000 Quality Management System (QMS). 

ISO is an international standard-setting body comprised of representatives from various national standards organisations.

Quality Education

The King’s International University is committed to intellectual freedom. In short, you as a student have a say and it matters to us. The curriculum has been designed by global experts, but we encourage debate and open discourse, we value opinions. Our academic process is one of interaction, core understanding of subjects. Learning here is an experience, a collaborative pursuit of knowledge.

The Hon. Penisimani ‘Epenisa Fifita, Minister for Education and Training has personally expressed his support for King’s International University and their objectives.

(Click the link to read the letter: Letter of Support for King’s International University)

Quality is what King’s International University stands for and is committed to, be it in any field. By providing Quality education, we ensure human right and a public good. In the words of the Delors Commission (UNESCO, 1996): “Education is at the heart of both personal and community development; its mission is to enable each of us, without exception, to develop all our talents to the full and to realize our creative potential, including responsibility for our own lives and achievement of our personal aims.” 

Affordable Education

Quality education at an affordable price is what the King’s International University stands for. We recognize the challenges that face parents and the youth and how it is mostly the fee factor that determines where the career dreams end without even starting out. 

Mission of Empowerment

Tonga needs, well-integrated, efficient and comprehensive formal, non-formal and informal systems of education.

This university has been set up with an aim to be of service to the public, to promote merit and end distinctions of class and creed, to recognize diverse lives and how to be a motivating and empowering agent for everyone. King’s International University promotes public discourse and educates leaders-to-be who will take up public office, but it also encourages women and particularly the marginalized.