School of Religion and Theology

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The School of Religion and Theology reflects on the Christian faith tradition, shaped by the Scriptures and Church teachings. Philosophy and theology both are key elements of the Catholic intellectual tradition, and together these two disciplines provide a rich set intellectual inquiry aiding and enabling Christian faith and doctrines in life. The courses offered are:

Bachelor Courses:

  • Bachelor of Divinity
  • Bachelor of Ministry
  • Bachelor of Christian Studies

Postgraduate Courses:

  • Graduate Diploma of Ministry
  • Graduate Diploma of Theology
  • Graduate Diploma of Divinity
  • Graduate Certificate in Catholic Culture
  • Master of Professional Studies in Theology
  • Master of Arts (Christian Studies)
  • Master of Arts (Divinity)
  • Master of Arts (Theology)

Doctoral degrees are available in all streams offered by the University.

These course are offered at various satellite campuses around the world and under twinning programs.

Our School of Religion and Theology is offering a promotion of Higher Degree by Research (HDR) courses related to theology and world religion. A HDR candidate can pursue research in their primary field and integrate their research with knowledge from various Christian traditional theological disciplines. This unique opportunity is available to the clergy, lay people and members of religious orders who aspire to advance their career in research, teaching, and church service.

The PhD (by Previous work/Published Works) degree is awarded on the basis of submitted publications, reports and other publically reviewed creative works. Work submitted for consideration must be published, or if creative works and artefacts, reviewed in the public domain. In exceptional circumstances, the status of some of the work may be that it is accepted for publication and not yet published.

The ease of application is outlined below with the possibility of graduating within 6 months:

Candidates may apply at any time during the academic year. The applicant should initially submit the following documentation:

  • Application Form accompanied by a recent CV;
  • Published works: A bibliographic list of the published works to be assessed; and
  • A 500-word abstract; 

Post the application our Doctoral Advisory Committee will consider the merits of the application on the basis of the list of works submitted for examination and the internal assessor’s report. Any clarifications or information required will be then collated through a Viva voce process. Satisfactorily meeting the University requirements will result in the award the qualification.

The current fee for international applicants is $4,990 USD and may be paid in equal instalments. The current offer allows you to:

  • Pay a onetime upfront payment of $2,000 USD on the acceptance of your offer letter; or 
  • Apply for a 20% discount (On the total fee of $4,990 USD) with the University when you pay full in advance.

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